On High Heels in Africa

On High Heels in Africa

She stood with her Louis Vuitton heels firmly on the plush carpet. Had a view of the most beautiful part of Amsterdam. And coached top-level people. Until the day she heard herself ask that question again: “Are you living your biggest dream?”. And her own answer shocked her.

Chantal Heutink left the fast-paced Amsterdam lifestyle behind for a new reality in the laidback culture of Kenya. She exchanged her perfectly styled coupe for Bo Derek dreadlocks and left her design house for a matrass in the overcrowded bedroom of three Kenyan sisters.

What was left, was her relentless ambition: for every girl in Kenya to go to school, even on her red days.

She successfully set up a social business in Kenya and founded I-Care: washable sanitary napkins for a continent full of young dreams. No longer eyes full of defeated shame in the half-empty classrooms, but a generation of young women with their heads proudly held up high.

An indispensable book for anyone that lives and has dreams, chases after or should let go. It breaks taboos from the hopeful beginning to the bitter end, and beyond.

Chantal Heutink is known as ‘the lady in red dealing with the red issue’. A blond businesswoman in heels who did everything for her ambition, except for walking barefoot through the dust.

"A powerful, inspiring and true story about dreaming and actually doing it, despite all odds. A passionate and personal crusade with successes and failures, pain and joy, falling down and finding the inner strength to stand up again.
A story which leads you to beautiful Kenya. It shows you the drama and hope, the strong willpower of the girls and women and the need for change." 

Through On High Heels in Africa, I would like to let the voices of girls and women in Africa be heard.

Girls such as those I got to know in Kenya. Girls that, on average, miss school 5 days a month, 60 days a year, because they are on their period. Because they cannot afford the sanitary napkins that we are used to. Because due to their absenteeism, they fall behind and leave school earlier. This in a country where women are already at a disadvantage and must be grateful if they are even allowed to go to school.

My goal:

Red Power

At March 8th 2017 'On High Heels in Africa' was officially launched. On this special day, International Women's Day, we spread the #redpower message  with our flashmob which said:

I stand up - We stand up - Together!
Stand up who you are.
Together we stand up for the rights, the freedom and potentional of women all over the world.


For now, the book is only available in Dutch. Would you like to help me with my dream? An English translation and published in the USA and other countries to spread the message?!

If you have any useful contacts or ideas please mail to chantal.heutink@lifeonhighheels.com.

A passionate thrill

‘The vulnerable force. The book that you wish for yourself and for other women, from the bottom of your heart. Full of fiery connections. A passionate thrill. Chantal Heutink will blow you off your heels.’

Christine Pannebakker
author of Who Am I, Women Power and The Week


The best investment you’ll make in 2017

“Chantal Heutink has it all; a beautiful, feminine appearance, a strong relatable story with falling and standing up again, a good pen, perspective, and a big heart for the world.

She has put her business skills at the service of a good cause. Not with woollen socks, but with a woman’s suit and on high heels. With the same flair, she now releases her book to the world.

A book that is an inspiration to all those women who seek a meaningful existence, who want to take the step but have not dared yet, a book that hits the target like as sharp arrow, the right book, at the right time, in the right tone.

The best investment you’ll make in 2017.”





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Chantal strives to answer your e-mail personally within 48 hours, but it is possible that she is on the road and that is why it takes a bit longer.

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